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Masterpost of Our Podcasts on Various Psych2go’s Posts


  1. Existential Depression Is A Depression That Arises When An Individual Confronts Certain Basic Issues Of Existence: Death. Freedom, Isolation And Meaninglessness
  2. People Who Are More Anxious And Neurotic Are Better At Telling Different Smells Apart
  3. In A List Of Items, The First And Last Are Most Memorable
  4. People Tend To Over Think More At Night Or Just When They Are About To Go To Sleep
  5. We Can Sense When Somebody Is Looking At Us Even If We Don’t See Them
  6. Men Who Have More Trouble Controlling Laughter Also Have More Trouble Controlling Sexual Arousal
  7. There Are People Who Are Sexually Attracted To Balloons- They Are Known As “Looners”
  8. Tickling Serves No Other Purpose Except Bonding And Creating A Closer Relationship Between Two People
  9. When Working On Boring Tasks Listening To Music Helps You Focus
  10. Diabetes And Depression
  11. Maladaptive Daydreaming Is A Person Who Excessively Daydream Or Fantasizes Due To Prior Psychological Trauma Or Abuse
  12. Asexuality: Aromantic, Romantic And Everything Else In Between
  13. Torschlusspanik: Anxiety Or Fear That One’s Life Is Just Passing By
  14. Both Humans And Cats Have Identical Brain Regions For Emotion
  15. People Who Practice Lucid Dreaming Are More Likely To Experience Sleep Paralysis
  16. Hearing Is The Last Sense To Go When We Die
  17. If You Act Happy And Excited When You First Meet People, They Will Act The Same Way Towards You
  18. People Who Understand Sarcasm Well Are Often Good At Reading People’s Mind. They Understand That The Other Has Something Else In Mind
  19. Short Psychology of Beards
  20. People Who Are Easily Embarrassed Tend To Be More Trustworthy, Loyal, Honest, And Generous
  21. Fear Of Spiders Can Develop Before Birth
  22. Physical Exercise Helps With Depression And Anxiety
  23. We Are Drawn To People With Better Immune Systems
  24. Social Exclusion Triggers Parts Of The Brain Associated With Physical Pain

Each podcast is only 2-3 minutes long. They follow the format of our articles; they include an introduction to the fact, bring up researches supporting or refuting the facts, identify 2-3 limitations of the study design(s), and leave 2-3 questions to think about. 

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Closing Your Eyes Help You Remember Things

According to this article, it does a very good job explaining why closing your eyes helps you remember things better. It says that closing your eyes prevents you from distractions that occupy your visual senses. It seems that your brain has a limited capacity when it comes to processing information related to specific senses. For example, you are only able to process so much visual information at once. When you ask somebody to recall a visual object, chances are they are going to close their eyes or look up. The helps minimize visual distractions for them.


A Small Amount of Stress Helps You Remember Things Better But a Large Amount Hinders Your Memory

According to this article, which tested the finding on rats, found that some stress helped the rats performed better on tasks but too much stress causes their performance to fall. This seems to intuitively apply to human as well. When you think of the times you did well on something especially on school tests, too much stress will make you unable to study. For example, when you leave everything to the last minute and you feel that you don’t have much time left to study or when you find the materials extremely difficult. As a result, they create so much stress that you can’t study. However, some stress such as knowing that the test is important to you and that it shouldn’t be too hard allowed you to sit still and get things done. This is often the scenario correct?