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25 Places To Travel Around the World






Love this list! Anyone have suggestions not yet on this list yet?

25 Places To Travel Around the World


Bucket list!
Been to 5 so far
And I will be going to Bangkok in a few months, so almost 6

I want to go to every single place on this list and then some.

I’d say some places in India need to be on there… Ladakh is one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit.

^Good addition to the list! 

Research Methods Part 4: The Correlational Design »

In this article, we talk about the correlational design and what it is. 

One of the key take away is to recognize that most findings in psychology is best considered correlational. This means that a cause-and-effect relationship can not be determined. Alternatively, you can choose to listen to just the audio version below. Give it a read! 

Anonymous asked: Hmm, if you google asocial, it comes up as being hostile

Good notice! 

Being hostile would be the more extreme case of asociality. However, someone who is asocial does not always imply that they are hostile; generally, when we refer to someone as asocial, we just mean that they don’t enjoy social interactions. 

You guys may also want to give this a read for further clarification. 


Anonymous asked: So, antisocial behavior is integral to sociopathic/psychopathic behaviors?

Yes, it’s part of it. 

Anonymous asked: In your recent post, you stated that Antisocial people "violate others". What do you mean by that?

It’s to clarify that an antisocial person is not someone who does not enjoy socializing; the term we want is asocial. 

Someone who is antisocial has little disregard for the rights of others. For example, he/she may hurt or bully and not care about it. 

A Small Amount of Stress Helps You Remember Things Better But a Large Amount Hinders Your Memory

According to this article, which tested the finding on rats, found that some stress helped the rats performed better on tasks but too much stress causes their performance to fall. This seems to intuitively apply to human as well. When you think of the times you did well on something especially on school tests, too much stress will make you unable to study. For example, when you leave everything to the last minute and you feel that you don’t have much time left to study or when you find the materials extremely difficult. As a result, they create so much stress that you can’t study. However, some stress such as knowing that the test is important to you and that it shouldn’t be too hard allowed you to sit still and get things done. This is often the scenario correct?

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Closing Your Eyes Help You Remember Things

According to this article, it does a very good job explaining why closing your eyes helps you remember things better. It says that closing your eyes prevents you from distractions that occupy your visual senses. It seems that your brain has a limited capacity when it comes to processing information related to specific senses. For example, you are only able to process so much visual information at once. When you ask somebody to recall a visual object, chances are they are going to close their eyes or look up. The helps minimize visual distractions for them.

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Hi Guys! »



I will be putting some of our posts on 9syc so it’s more organized if you are looking for specific posts or topics.

Since I’ve taken courses in the following:

1. Counseling Theories
2. Counseling Skills
3. Forensic Psychology
4. Adulthood and Aging.
5. Abnormal Psychology
6. Gender…

How was abnormal psych? I really want to take it next semester

It’s really good. You get to learn about the different mental health issues and disorders. This helps you become more aware of problems people may have. It’s a recommended course especially if you are pursuing a career in clinical psychology or counselling. Hope you enjoy it! 

Talking to Yourself Improves Task Performance

Talking to yourself, also known as self-talk can be used to enhance task performance. There are two types of self talk: Instructional self-talk, for example, takes place when a person encourages themselves by muttering technical instruction to aid during the task at hand. For example, “step 1 I must first lift my elbow, step 2 swing my arm this way, step 3, follow through this way etc.”  On the other hand, motivational self-talk is often used during endurance- and strength-related exercises. For example, “I can do this,” “This just takes practice.”

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